Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hollywood Celeberity

Robin Williams

 Robin Williams was the most popular actor and comedian in Hollywood film industry.His full name is Robin Mclaurin Williams and was born in 21 july 1951 at Chicago Illinois in America. His father's name was Robert Fitzgerald Willians and was a senior executive in Fort Motor  company. His mother was a model name was Laurie Mclaurin.He married with Valerie Velardi in 1978
He start his comedy career in 1970 in San Francisco Bay Area. He left San Francisco in 1977 and settle in Los Angeles and continued his job, His first film was released in 1977 with less budget which was comedy film.He also start voice actor in animated films in 1992 and t animated films was Aladdin, The last rainforest, robots, happy feet ,Everyone's Hero and Happy Feet Two.He also voiced in Holographic film and names are A.i.Artificial Intelligence, timekeeper ,walt disney world.
He fall in hospital due to heart problems and posponed surgery of  heart. The surgery was sucess on march 2009 at clinic. in mid of 2014 he was dead in the year of 63.

Robin William's famous films are
·         The Angriest Man in Brooklyn
·         The Face of Love
·         Lee Daniels’ The Butler
·         The Big Wedding
·         Happy Feet Two
·         Old Dogs
·         World’s Greatest Dad
·         Shrink
·         August Rush
·         License to Wed
·         Night at the Museum
·         Happy Feet
·         Man of the Year
·         RV
·         The Night Listener
·         The Big White
·         Robots
·         House of D
·         The Final Cut
·         Insomnia
·         Death to Smoochy
·         One Hour Photo
·         A.I. Artificial Intelligence

·         Bicentennial Man