Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Political Celeberity

Mariam Nawaz

     Family Background                                                                                                                                                       Mariam nawaz was   Born on October 28, 1973  in  Lahore. Maryam nawaz is daughter of Nawaz sharif . maryam nawaz's mother is kalsoom nawaz shareef.
Maryam nawaz is a Pakistani female politician and the daughter of the  Prime minister of pakistan  Nawaz Sharif and Kalsoom Nawaz. Mariam nawaz  is a popular figure in Pakistani politics, serving as a Nawaz Sharif daughter in the Pakistan Muslim League .
Maryam was born in LahorePunjab province in pakistan. After graduating from Convent of Jesus and Mary school from forigen country. she initially went to medical school but later continued her graduated studies at Punjab University and get a Master's degree in English Literature. From 2011, she has been enrole in the political area, and currently serves as an aidle to The Muslim League. Maryam nawaz is involved in political area and has a more interest in raising the standard of education in Punjab, serving as chairperson of the board of family run Sharif Medical and Dental College. Maryam pursuing a PhD in Political science serving time on "post-9/11 radicalisation in Pakistan." via distance study from an undisclosed university.

Social entrepreneurship

Maryam Nawaz has since 1997 been the chairperson of Sharif Trust, founded by her grandfather Muhammad Sharif, Sharif Medical City and Sharif Education Institutes. She takes a keen interest and is directly involved in the working of Sharif Trust and its allied institutions including Sharif College of Engineering and Technology, Sharif Education Complex, Sharif Model Schools for Boys and Girls, Sharif Medical and Dental College, Sharif Institute of Technology and Islamic Center.[11][12][13][14] Sharif Medical City was established in 1997, includes 300 bed tertiary care center, 12 operation theatres and a 24 Hours Emergency & Trauma Service. More than 700 successful kidney transplants, both adult and children have been performed so far.[15]
In November 2013, Maryam was appointed as the chairperson of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme and took responsibility for coordination, management, finalization and supervision of the implementation of the program.[11] The program includes Fee Reimbursement Scheme for underdeveloped areas throughout the country for the encouragement of students. She said about the program that the "focus of this scheme is to chisel and brush up the latent talent of the youth of the country and also to provide equal opportunities for acquiring higher education to the students of underdeveloped areas".
Political career
Maryam nawaz is now a member of PML-N In the April 2012 article in Newsweek Pakistan. Maryam Nawaz was briefly described as the new face of the PML-N political party of pakistan. Fluent in four languages, the Newsweek article portrays her as a progressive heir apparent of Pakistan's right-to-center PML-N party. She join youth in her address on Quaid e Azam's day to play an important role  in the economics and politics  of Pakistan. She declear her intention to participate in politics to presure of her father in November 2011.
Maryam nawaz's role in politics of pak has often been unlikely and criticized as a representation of  politics in Pakistan. On 23 October 2014, her appointment as head of Prime Minister's Youth Loan Programme was  first time challenged in Lahore High Court where petitioner showed concerns over the control of public money given to an individual of nawaz family.